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New Release Quality Monitoring for Mid Sized Call Centres

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Apr 17, 2006
Category Quality Monitoring

For mid-sized call centres a new release in the Vocal Recorders range, Vocal Interaction Quality Version 2, now offers a ‘dashboard’ facility similar to that of the high-end quality monitoring packages. This facility gives managers a ‘homepage’, which can be customized to provide a snapshot of up to 16 reports in chart format. Managers and evaluators can therefore see the overall status of the call centre by viewing multiple charts on a single page. For example, reports such as ‘Quality Score Trends By Group’ or ‘By Month’ can be displayed in an easy-to-read chart side by side on one single page. With added features such as calibration to eliminate deviation between scorers, the facility of adding in external KPI data and comparing averages against these, this package can take mid-sized call centres to the next level at approximately one quarter the price of the high-end solutions.
NICE have released a quality monitoring package for mid-sized call centres, called NiceUniverse Compact. It offers all the facilities of the previous enterprise level quality package, including the ability to have multiple scoring forms and management reporting in a browser-based environment. It comes with a call recording scheduler to help decide on which calls to record, a forms designer, query tool and evaluator module. This ‘compact’ quality-monitoring package offers a comprehensive software tool and mid-range call recorder suitable for centres recording up to 48 lines. The quality monitoring software allows up to four concurrent users and costs just £110 per seat in addition to the recorder, offering an affordable step for smaller call centres to start automating manual quality monitoring processes.
If you want to take advantage of the word spotting and emotion technology, the NICE Interactive Capture Unit (ICU) can sit on top of your current call recording platform and facilitate these new applications. This piece of equipment allows you to have all the exciting new applications without having to re-invest in an entirely new platform. The ICU comprises of a stand-alone stereo call recorder, which records the customer side and agent side separately. The NICE Perform analytics server is then purchased to link into this. This package offers entry-level analytics to centres or departments recording up to 180 channels, but is expandable. It allows important calls to be kept for analysis purposes, offering word spotting and emotion detection technology alongside comprehensive quality monitoring features. Total recording can still continue on an existing recording platform. The add-on units won’t break the bank coming in at a quarter of the price of upgrading an entire system.