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NICE Perform eXpress – Product Review

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jul 3, 2010
Category Call Recording Technology

The latest offering from NICE systems, NICE Perform eXpress allows small to medium sized companies to benefit from the NICE Perform architecture providing an enterprise grade recording solution but on a smaller scale with the ability to record up to 200 channels.

With an emphasis on recording for compliance it can be deployed as a standalone solution or in a multisite environment with centralised administration and storage capabilities.

The solution provides low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a single box all-in-one solution, it can be rapidly deployed and installed as well as having the capability to run as a virtual machine.

NICE Perform eXpress is a robust solution providing its services independent of other eXpress solutions deployed elsewhere in the organisation, giving greater autonomy to an individual site’s call recording and playback capability. Although eXpress operates independently, the system can be configured and maintained from a central site allowing updates to be administered more efficiently. The ‘Hub & Spoke’ system will work particularly well for customers with branches with a central data centre.

NICE Perform eXpress has the ability to provide recording for environments without external CTI. Recordings can be archived locally or at a remote central storage area and also have the flexibility to work with enterprise storage management devices.
With a variety of deployment options to choose from the systems’ flexibility ensures it should fit neatly into most SME organisations. As a relatively new product there are a number of highly attractive pricing options available to encourage rapid take-up of the product.

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