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NICE SmartCenter™ – What’s all the fuss about

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Sep 23, 2007
Category Call Recording Technology

If you have not already heard the term you will soon, as marketing and PR campaigns go into over-drive at this years Call Centre Expo.

Billed as the new approach to running the contact centre the NICE SmartCenter™ aims to address the entire range of contact centre issues – from operational, such as service level and handle time, to strategic issues, including customer satisfaction and first call resolution. This is a new approach, as inherently solutions have tended to focus on addressing just one business issue.

But what is it?…

By leveraging the combined capabilities of products like NICE Perform, Performix and IEX TotalView, SmartCenter is the methodology, which can supposedly deliver a holistic view of the contact centre, enabling operations to gain a single view of their business. Achieving this is possible with information extracted from areas such as; quality and performance management, workforce optimisation, compliance, coaching and feedback, and interaction analytics, thereby enabling SmartCenter to formulate an overall view of a business.

By consolidating this information from across the organisation, SmartCenter enables the contact centre to quickly identify insight from interactions, delivering it to the right people at the right time for better, more informed decision-making.

So when we ask what all the fuss is about, the answer is quite simple – contact centres are under constant pressure from both customers and management to ‘raise their game’. It is these methodologies that are key enablers to achieving those ends; intrinsically aligning the contact centre with the business as a key contributor to achieve its strategic goals.