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On the trail of historic call recorders…

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Oct 24, 2008
Category The Monitor

The Monitor’s news hound goes deep into the past with the picture alongside, sent courtesy of purser Mark Wright from the Navy’s supply centre at Butlers Hard on the Solent.

Mark wrote:- “We considered buying one of these systems a few years ago for our command centre, but as we couldn’t find anyone else who had one we decided against it. Did we make the right decision”?
“Outstandingly good Sir” are the words that spring to mind; your decision is right up there along with not sailing on the SS Titanic.

The recorder in the picture was badged by Lanier (a ‘good-ol-boy’ recording company from Atlanta, Georgia) which they attempted to introduce into the UK about 3 years after the market here went digital. This as you can imagine was a bad plan and to the best of our knowledge none were ever sold.

To answer Mark’s last question –“why does the left one hang lower than the right”? Is of course an old chestnut, but in this case the reason is clear; if you mount the spools diagonally you get a narrower build, which then fits into a 19 inch rack – not a lot of people know that!