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Contact Centre Technology

OPEX – Campaign Management & Process Control

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jul 11, 2010
Category Hosted Telephony

Hosted tools like Campaign Management & Process Control at the desk top are a source of much interest in the contact centre world right now for both inbound and outbound operations and here’s why…

Contact Centres today need to have fluid processes in place to ensure they constantly provide the right performance levels, as failure to do so can quickly see costs rise and profits drop. Having the right process in place and keeping it current is key to good performance and in many instances this control is lacking.

The OPEX Liquid Suite delivers both campaign management and process control but most importantly it provides a fluid development environment that enables the quick and easy build of Customer Interaction screens and workflows. This flexibility enables the contact centre to quickly understand and deploy the best processes to meets its business needs and can be regularly fine tuned for maximum benefit.

The Liquid suite also works well in the branch office environment where the goal of many large organisations is to create a virtual call centre by tapping into the unproductive time of branch staff across multiple offices. This is a highly profitable model but requires a hosted model like the Liquid Suite to develop, control and manage the process as a single entity.
Clearly all businesses are different but the common gains in deploying the Liquid Suite can see a significant reduction in ‘average handling time’ or ‘first/single call resolution’ where access to relevant customer data or the transfer of knowledge between both parties is a necessity. Another significant benefit is the reduction in training time required for new staff because there is controlled adherence to the best processes.

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