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Police forces welcome the new ‘CODES’ recording system

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jan 1, 2010
Category Interview Recording

Developed exclusively for Police forces as the next generation of interview suite recording, the CODES system was previewed to a select group of officers at an invitation-only event in November.

The system, developed jointly by Business Systems and Damovo received a warm response from officers as it was clear to all that the product design had taken into account the exact nature of the interviewing officer’s role. The system goes on general release in February.

CODES, which stands for (Complete Online Digital Evidence System) has been developed to meet the needs of today’s police forces and replace the analogue cassette recorders currently used in interview suites. Designed as an end-to-end digital system, CODES fulfils multiple applications which police forces can implement on a module-by-module basis as necessity dictates or budgets allow.

At the entry level, CODES provides standalone interview recording software pre-loaded onto ruggedised laptops. These devices with touch sensitive screens provide simple error free audio and video recordings and the immediate production of a copy of physical media for the defendant.
When a police force is ready to take the next step, without change to the equipment in the interview rooms CODES becomes a central server application integrated with the force’s Custody Management System making interviews available only to those who are authorised to have access to them as secure digital files over the police secure network. It also includes a transcription module enabling turnaround of transcriptions in a matter of minutes, and a data search module allowing for immediate location and playback of digital interviews.

In time it is envisaged that CODES will enable sharing of interview data across the wider Criminal Justice System and between collaborating police forces. CODES also ensures compliance with current and future MoPI (Management of Police Information) directives, along with the two new PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) Codes of Practice, E and F.
A complete CODES ‘interview room’ has been installed at Damovo’s Horsham office so police officers can experience at first-hand the full evidential interviewing process. A white paper and short video are also available upon request.

For a copy of the white paper and video or to book a product demo at Horsham call 0800 458 2988 or email[email protected]