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Recorded 'audio-conferencing' on the move

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Sep 11, 2013
Category Hosted Telephony

Picture this, you’ve just attended an offsite client meeting and now you receive an urgent message to set up a conference call for a key account and other multiple parties later that day – what do you do? Hey, it’s a mobile world so where’s the problem? This is exactly why OPEX Conference Hosting was designed – to allow you to handle these situations in your stride and not raise a sweat.

With OPEX Conference Hosting you can create your concall ‘on the fly’ by simply dialling the conference number and the system will then prompt you to create a conference and allow you to create a unique 6 digit pin number for it and as you would expect the call will be recorded. It couldn’t be simpler all you need to do is then call or text your key account and other involved parties with the number and pin to access the conference.

You don’t need internet access and you can set up conference calls from anywhere. If you want to retrieve and play back that call on your return to the office, you can access and download it via a simple web portal. Customising the introduction to the service couldn’t be easier by simply recording your intro message when setting the conference up and similarly you can set it up to prompt participants to say their name so that it is recorded and you are notified when they leave the conference.

Advanced features include contact management so that conference email notifications can be sent to participants from within the portal for centralised management and multiple access numbers can be used for the same conference such as 0844, 0207 or even USA toll free numbers. A watch screen gives the chairperson the ability to mute and unmute participants as well as dial in additional parties during the call.

Ideal for companies who need to conference calls for smaller groups of people or who need to effectively collaborate with clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers whilst on the move, this cost effective solution is accessible from anywhere.

Contact OPEX Hosting on 020 8326 8326 for more details or email [email protected]  to find out more.