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Recording Solutions that make you a profit and cost less

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Mar 23, 2003
Category Press Releases

2003 was a milestone year for BSL and one that brought big benefits in both products and services to our customers; our drive last year has been twofold. Firstly, to improve the level of professional services to our Enterprise level customers, focusing on better system payback. This included developing ‘PIPs’, profit improvement plans for organisations ensuring maximum returns on new system investments. Secondly, to bring smarter systems technology at lower cost to our customers in the general business and Public Safety sector.

Consequentially, BSL is adding to its independent product offering across the range because we believe this recording technology provides better benefits and bigger returns for our customers. Some examples of new products are those suitable for departmental level and small business applications, which bring many of the larger systems benefits without the big system costs.

BSL is by far the largest independent supplier of call recording systems in the UK and as the company continues to role out additional product we aim to provide our customers with the only true ‘best-independent-choice’ available.