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Contact Centre Technology

Top 10 Uses of Analytics In The Contact Centre

8 min read Download White Paper
Author Business Systems UK
Category Speech and Interaction Analytics

“Analytics” remains one of the biggest buzz words in the business world – and also the contact centre world.

Many reports, whitepapers or blogs talk about using contact centre analytics to drive revenue or increase loyalty. But the best way to understand how this technology is making an impact is to understand the actual use cases.

So this simple guide covers the top 10 ways to put analytics tools to targeted use in your contact centre.

This guide covers the following topic/themes:

  • The Contact Centre analytics toolbox
  • Putting the analytics tools to work
  • Analytics Use Case #1 – Increasing First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Analytics Use Case #2 – Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • Analytics Use Case #3 – Escalation Management
  • Analytics Use Case #4 – Compliance and Risk Mitigation
  • Analytics Use Case #5 – Technology Evaluation
  • Analytics Use Case #6 – Improving Cross-Sell And Up-Sell
  • Analytics Use Case #7 – Competitive Intelligence
  • Analytics Use Case #8 – Evaluating Marketing Campaign Impact
  • Analytics Use Case #9 – Optimising Inventory And Supply Chain
  • Analytics Use Case #10 – Increasing Agent Engagement

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