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Revolutionise the Customer Experience with a Blended Workforce

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Nov 16, 2018
Category Back-Office Workforce Optimisation

A blended workforce
A positive customer experience is vital to the modern business in the age of online user reviews and social media where performance is under the microscope 24/7. Every little glitch, every little slip in your service standards can quickly be communicated to audiences of thousands. Brand reputation is truly built from the ground up.
At the same time, with today’s mobile, always-connected culture, people’s expectations have shifted. They demand quality, they demand personalisation and they demand it now. When customers are used to self-help web pages downloading in seconds, they just won’t tolerate a five-minute wait on hold to a contact centre. If their query or issue can’t be resolved first time, they will try another channel or go online to do it themselves.

For all of these reasons, businesses simply cannot afford to deliver a poor customer experience anymore. That is why so much investment is being pumped into front office operations, into contact centres, stores, marketing and sales, eCommerce – anywhere in the business that has direct contact with customers and clients – to deliver increasingly seamless and memorable service.

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