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Southern utilities company updates call recording

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2005
Category Featured News

…to provide better customer service

Wessex Water serves the south west of England, treating and supplying drinking water and providing sewerage services to about 3.7 million people. Committed to providing the highest standards in customer service, the company offers its customers service guarantees. In order to monitor and measure that this service is being delivered, Wessex Water records telephone calls to and from their operational customer services call centre.
Whilst updating their telephony system, Wessex Water researched the market place to find a suitable replacement for their reel-to-reel voice recorder. They chose Business Systems to supply and implement the Nicelog digital call recorder.

Improved Monitoring and Training

Call centre staff deal with emergency calls, scheduling service engineers to incidents. Wessex Water use call recording to ensure staff are trained to deal with calls efficiently and courteously, taking information down quickly and accurately.
Nicelog has given management the ability to record and store calls, accessing calls at any time as opposed to previously having to sit beside staff during live calls.
“We have used the Nicelog recording system to improve staff monitoring. Our call centre manager can now monitor new recruits more closely, by selecting just their calls. Also comparisons of performance can be made between different times of the day or week or between outgoing and incoming calls”, commented Kate Hayden, Operations Control Manager at Wessex Water.

Settling Disputes

The NiceQuery software enables Wessex Water to quickly pinpoint a call, searching by time, date or agent. Using this facility, managers can immediately verify information to check whether service guarantees are being met. Information provided from the call enables managers to validate whether customers are entitled to compensation.
“The Nicelog digital call recorder has given us easy access to calls in a fraction of the time it used to take,” Kate Hayden commented.

The Future

New targets set by the regulator OFWAT are looking more towards quality of service, customer satisfaction and the customer experience. Using their new Nicelog state of the art digital call recording solution, Wessex Water are well placed to adhere to new regulations and targets set by OFWAT, by continuing to monitor service levels by listening and scoring recorded calls.