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Step into the future with Business Systems

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Sep 23, 2007
Category Call Recording Advice

“We have seen companies come and go and to stay ahead of the game – its change, change and change again” … says Stephen Thurston director of business development.

In a market where the dynamics change more frequently than Beckham’s hair style, 20 years in the call recording business is a lifetime in comparison to other technologies, and the changes just keep on coming.

Business Systems opened its doors as a start-up in November 1987 taking its first analogue recorders to the City financial markets. The Call Centre market followed, using call recording for dispute-resolution in the mid 90’s and then moving on to quality-monitoring applications.

It would be foolish to try and predict the next 20 years, but current trends clearly depict advancements in voice recognition products, a growing need to record mobiles and more organisations embracing distributed working. Ultimately the organisations most likely to succeed will be those that support these trends and understand where the relevant recording technologies can take them.

Access to these technologies via alternate infrastructure is the second part of the equation and vital to those companies with distributed or mobile workforces. This of course, is the very reason why Business Systems now offers its clients both on-premise and hosted services.

So what should we expect for the next 20 years – probably change, change and more change.