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Contact Centre Workforce Management (WFM) Solutions

The Art of Quality Calibration for Contact Centres

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 23, 2004
Category Quality Monitoring

Unfortunately, no matter how good quality documentation and training provided is, the uniqueness of individuals and the way they perceive an agent’s call performance will always produce an inconsistent evaluation result amongst a large group of evaluators.
Therefore, how can a contact centre ensure a certain level of consistency with quality monitoring within an inconsistent process? One way is by contact centre management conducting regular auditing and calibration processes.
Calibrating and auditing quality monitoring evaluators can be done in several ways and need not be a complicated or time-consuming process. The simplest method to calibrate evaluators is to meet on a weekly basis for one hour to listen to agent calls. After listening to a call, the group evaluate the call individually, discuss the results and agree a final result. If using an automated quality monitoring system like Nice Universe then these systems will usually provide some functionality for calibrating and will provide reporting capabilities to track improvement.
Other types of calibration can consist of separate quality auditors re-evaluating a small sample of existing evaluations and directly comparing the results. By providing this type of audit ensures your evaluators are consistently evaluating correctly. This provides some level of comfort to agents as they know their evaluator’s performance is being measured.
So next time you are looking at your quality monitoring reports ask yourself, ‘How accurate are these figures?’ and ‘What are the contact centre doing to ensure accuracy amongst evaluators?’ If there are any doubts, there you may need to introduce quality calibration processes in your contact centre.
The auditing and calibrating processes become more critical when agents are paid against their quality results. To ensure an agent has the best possible chance of achieving their bonus it’s important that a business must ensure the evaluation process is as accurate and consistent as possible.
Written by Brent Bischoff, Contact Centre Consultant at Business Systems UK Ltd. For more information on this topic or any services offered by Business Systems Consultancy Division email [email protected]