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The history of Call Recorders – takes a shot at the industry

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2005
Category Call Recording Advice

The Editor steps in…

The Monitor regrets to inform its readers that it has lost contact with the intrepid News Hound after he ventured out on the trail of a rare Voice Recording specimen believed to be somewhere in the frozen north a little east of Milton Keynes. The Monitor can confirm that despite the wishful thinking of some members of the editorial team, the rumour that the News Hound is being held captive by terrorists is untrue. Neither is he moonlighting for the tabloid press and any reference to reports of a rudimentary Call Recording system allegedly located in Mar’s northern polar region, have no connection with the serious editorial content normally associated with this column.

On behalf of the News Hound it has been a dry old period for historical recorder photos this quarter, so we ask you to go and dig deep into those filing cabinets and let’s see what interesting gems can be found for the next issue.

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