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The new sub 100 channel offering – ‘NICE Perform SMB'

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Oct 11, 2008
Category Call Recording Technology

The size of your organisation should not limit your ability to deliver an outstanding customer experience, is the key message behind NICE’s latest product.

The NICE Perform SMB product is based on the advanced NICE Perform platform and targets small to medium contact centres who record up to 100 channels and who seek access to the same top-grade applications as their larger counterparts.

Key product features include easily installed and maintained QM applications and total recording of interactions for improved risk management and compliance assurance. It supports both VoIP and TDM environments and comes with intuitive web-based query and playback tools giving managers the means to examine customer interaction data and create a wide variety of reports.

Agent evaluation is simplified by using a form designer function to create evaluation forms with customisable drop down lists, user definable scoring. Both screen and call recordings can be attached to each completed evaluation and scores from different evaluators collated and compared. Calls can be quickly located with over 100 different search criteria and then played back over the LAN.

An integrated report-generator can create wide-ranging reports and graphs for automatic distribution via email and privilege and audit trails ensuring organisations can control access to sensitive information.
With feature rich applications like this becoming available at more affordable prices it could prove a key differentiator for organisations in the delivery of customer services in 2008.

For further information or to receive a quote on this product please contact: or call 0800 458 2988.