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Three ways to get more from your call recording system

4 min read
Author Atiq Rehman
Date Sep 12, 2012
Category Call Recording Advice

If you feel that you are not getting the most out of your call recording system you are probably not alone. Like most technology investments, the initial training and installation tends to focus on the basics, adopting a ‘walk before you run’ methodology.
Outlined below our consultancy team highlight three key areas designed to help you drive more value from your investment.

I. Identify training needs based on knowledge gaps
Are you confident your team are using the full systems functionality and feature set? Realistically, a combination of staff churn and knowledge transfer diminishing over time can often mean this is not the case. You may have covered advanced features in initial training but if you don’t immediately apply it, you lose it. Implementing a simple review to identify the systems knowledge gaps followed by periodic customised training, pays dividends.

II. Map it to your quality and business processes
Call recording can be configured in a way which allows the technology to map to your processes, particularly when used alongside quality monitoring. For example agent evaluation forms can be designed to dovetail into your customer satisfaction programme and hierarchical structures for accessing recordings can reflect your organisational charts. Recordings can also be integrated into other applications like CRM systems providing better insight into customer habits, for example typical order values and types of products and services bought.

III. Future-proofing and free software updates with maintenance contracts
Service and support should not be perceived as purely ‘fault fixing’, regular updates ensures access to the latest call recording software enhancing the features and functionality of your system. Similarly, with technology upgrades and improvements like making the move to VoIP, if your system is supported your supplier can generally ensure there is a work around to ensure your call recording does not become obsolete and continues to be compatible with any future developments.
By mapping product knowledge and training to your internal business processes and integrating call recording with other technology applications you can now start leveraging 100% of your call recording system.

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