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Top 5 tips for call recording support contracts

3 min read
Author Scott Miller
Date Feb 29, 2012
Category Call Recording Advice

You could find yourself in ever decreasing circles trying to choose the best service & maintenance contract for your organisation and you are not alone. Experienced in this area, the Business Systems team has identified 5 factors for consideration prior to selecting a call recording support contract or maintenance provider.

1. Remote monitoring capabilities
The ability to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently is a must. The capability to identify and fix problems remotely results in less system downtime, saving time and money. This service also supports best practice contingency planning, for example alleviating pressure around situations like the Olympic Games, pandemics, civil un-rest or during extreme weather.

2. Cost saving through longer term contracts
Suppliers like Business Systems can save you money if you’re prepared to opt for longer term contracts, for example three year contracts are more cost effective than single year contracts.

3. Effective troubleshooting
Does your current supplier demonstrate forward planning capabilities, identifying the bigger issues before they materialise? For example, addressing issues such as clocks going forward and backwards or assessing the impact of rapid expansion or resource shrinkage on your recording estate.

4. Infrastructure
What service & support infrastructure does your supplier have in place? Do they have a large in-house engineering base with dedicated voice recording engineers or do they use contracted engineers who possess voice recording as a secondary skill?

5. Emergency protocol
Voice recording for some businesses is mission critical; make sure that your chosen maintenance supplier has a comprehensive support infrastructure outside normal working hours. The ability to deal with last minute projects or emergencies should not be underestimated.

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