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WFM Scenario Planning

Top tips on quality and staff scheduling

2 min read
Author Brent Bischoff
Date Feb 13, 2014
Category Quality Monitoring

We recently held a forum with the Institute of Customer Service at Axa Wealth offices in Basingstoke and thanks to some audience participation we took away some helpful tips we thought we’d share with you, so here goes…
Some of our presenters on the day….

  • Consider tying in the number of agent evaluations you conduct to experience and performance – For new agents plan in more call evaluations and adjust evaluation efforts based on progress and aptitude
  • Think about how you can make your agents life easier – Consider scheduling by preferences, car sharing, coordinating with school runs or even organising company buses if there is limited onsite parking
  • Let agents select calls – encourage agents to highlight the calls (good or bad) with the agreement to then not grade that particular call, but do share the learnings
  • Understand that different people are motivated by different things – Learn what your agents want, communicate with them and recruit for different mixes of people, so they can all bring different elements to the team

Want to know more about using technology to improve staff scheduling? – call 0800 458 2988 or contact us for a copy of the full key learnings and outcome document.