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Trunk vs Extension – Customer Experience vs Agent Training

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Sep 23, 2007
Category Call Recording Advice

Your choice of Call Recording system should not just be based on how cost effectively you can meet your legal requirements, or what system is the easiest for your support team to maintain. There is also the consideration of what benefit you can deliver to your businesses operational efficiency when reviewing the physical integration of the recording system.

The choice of integration can be simplified by deciding whether you want the opportunity to hear the customer side of their contact with your business or whether you give greater importance to hearing what your own staff are doing when they place the customers on hold.

If you opt for trunk side recording, every time a customer is placed on hold you will hear the music mixed with the customer, possibly happy at first, but then becoming more exasperated with each blast of Bach. This does have the benefit of you hearing how frustrated they felt.

If you choose to record on the extension or internal side of the system then you will follow the Agents conversations. In this way, you will be able to hear whether your Agent was actively working to help your customer or simply using the hold button as a get out clause from talking to the customer while they do something else.

When they are doing their job correctly, you may hear conversations with other teams that highlight shortcomings in business process, that if resolved will result in happier customers and improved retention.

The choice of connectivity can make a much bigger difference than the initial budget consideration may have suggested. Sometimes, Call Recording is implemented due to a legal requirement, but correct choice of system can make that enforced purchase work harder for you.