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Contact Centre Technology

Using your Recorder More Cost Effectively

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2005
Category Call Recording Advice

Business Systems Applications Development Team are working with a number of customers presently to enhance the way they use their call recorders. An example of this is a new application, which can save the need to purchase replay software licenses for all call centre representatives.
The application provides a link between the call recorder and the customers CRM application. A unique call-reference number is taken from the call recorder and inserted into the CRM application. When an agent needs to find a call, they simply quote this unique call-reference to a nominated person who can instantly find the relevant call via their playback station and email it to the interested party.

Another advantage of this application is eliminating the need for training all representatives on your recording playback software, which means they can spend their time training and learning skills more relevant to their job.