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Vocal Recorders – professional range – one year on

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2005
Category Call Recording Technology

In December 2003, we launched the Vocal Professional Range, offering high functionality big box recording at an affordable price. One year on with dozens of new customers, who have opted for this new open-platform method of recording, we take a look at some of the exciting new enhancements.

Mass Storage Facility
Full Integration is now available on Vocal Recorders with EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage (CAS) solution. EMC Centera represents an entirely new software-driven storage architecture specifically designed to offer advanced security for call recording storage and authentication. Customers have peace of mind knowing that months or even years of calls can be stored on-line, with absolute certainty that the recordings are safe and tamper proof. This new facility is ideal for users who have a high capacity recording requirement, providing fast access and secure archiving by eliminating the use of DVD or tape systems.

Recordings can be authenticated in their original state, which is particularly important for government agencies and industries that are tightly regulated such as financial services, healthcare and instances when calls are used as evidence in court.

‘Big Box’ – web functionality from Vocal Recorders Professional Range
We promised much of the ‘big box’ functionality in our new Vocal Range, and the product goes from strength to strength. Vocal Interaction Review Software, popular with Vocal customers, enables advanced search queries and secure multi- level user access all via a web browser.

Vocal Interaction Web Browser Software offers a choice of basic searches by all the usual- channel, agent, date/time, etc, no surprises thereā€¦but also advanced searches based on any field within the recorders database.
Vocal Interaction Software enables access to voice and screen recordings from one or more Vocal recorder servers. It operates securely on a company’s Intranet, eliminating the need for conventional client software to be loaded on the playback PC. Also if you want you can email recordings too. Certainly more than you would expect for such a great value recorder.