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Vocal teams up with a global leader to provide…

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Oct 23, 2006
Category Call Recording Technology

Imagine this scenario, this is not a ‘TV courtroom drama’, this is your own organisation and you have a real ‘situation’. A recording of the contentious telephone conversation has been found and it proves without a doubt that the other party is in the wrong and your people are in the clear. “Yes”, you say; “we have a result”, but then the doubt starts to build; this call is the only piece of concrete evidence you have to support your case. What if the other party questions the validity of the recording and claim that you doctored the recording? How can you prove that you didn’t, have they just raised a point that any court might view as ‘reasonable doubt’?

That would be a really great moment to know that all of your recordings were ‘watermarked’, thereby proving that they were 100% ‘original’ and that no tampering could have taken place. Now you really would have a result!

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well ‘watermarking’ is a service that is now available with Vocal Recorders. Vocal has teamed up with UK-based NCipher who are well established as experts in this field. To use this service, you must first equip your recorder with a watermarking card and from that point on all calls are stamped as ‘originals’. Any tampering were it to be attempted would leave a highly visible audit trail.

Verification of call ‘originality’ can be established on-site or by an independent third party via a hosted off-site service if preferred.