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What does having a Legacy Call Recording system mean for me?

5 min read
Author Triana Atallah
Date Aug 14, 2015
Category Call Recording Technology

With retention periods for call recordings ranging anywhere from weeks to decades, (depending upon your specific market’s requirement), and with internal pressures to upgrade existing call recording systems, what does it mean to have to deal with a legacy call recording system on top of all of this?

Archiving, playback and retrieval of your call recordings – (that dreaded sentence)

Let’s picture this. It’s a Monday morning and you’re settling down at your desk trying to get back into the swing of things. You then get a call. It’s the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which triggers the requirement to retrieve a specific recording from three years ago.

Time to panic yet?

With one of the most challenging issues being the ability to archive, store and replay back your telephony and turret recordings, what happens when that one call you wish to retrieve is hiding in one of your many legacy systems?

With longer retention periods for call recordings, as well as added pressure of MiFID II steadily advancing (where anyone making a call in which they recommend products or aim to make a ‘transaction’ recording and saving the call for five years) suddenly the thought of having to retrieve that one call becomes a dreaded situation you would rather avoid. The reality is that many organisations are in the unenviable position where they still have to maintain their older legacy call recording systems (meaning multiple support contracts and sometimes suppliers across different systems), whilst also installing and supporting newer ones.

Simplifying your call recording infrastructure

Life is complicated enough. So if there’s one thing you should do, it’s to try and simplify those things that you can. So why not make your call recording infrastructure one? Regardless of the original source of where the call was recorded, be that from a legacy NICE call recording system or a mobile phone the idea is that a single unifying interface can access all your recorded calls and other interactions from disparate sources.

There is certainly a point to be made here for simplifying your call recording infrastructure using a single portal to access everything. There is of course a significant time saving because calls can be quickly and efficiently retrieved when needed, there are also cost-savings to consider as you will no longer need to support multiple systems. Internal resource will be saved , as time previously spent on managing obsolete systems will have been removed. Need some more advice on what having a legacy call recorder means for you?

Then contact our team – we’re here to help.