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What does Unified Comms mean for call recording?

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 1, 2008
Category Call Recording Advice

A number of our clients have recently approached us and asked how the ability to record interactions will be affected by the implementation of unified communications applications. In order to answer this we first define unified communications…

Picture this, you need to call a colleague you ring their desk phone, at the same time this also rings their mobile. Alternately one of your sales team clicks on a telephone number in your CRM system, click-to-talk technology intercepts the click and phones your salesperson and then subsequently the customer.

Both scenarios are examples of unified communications which loosely defined is a convergence of applications working together to deliver a common goal – seamless communication.

In both cases call recording is still possible. Applications have been developed which will enable calls to be recorded regardless of which handset the recipient picks up and technology also now exists which automates call recording when calls have been triggered from within a CRM system.

There will be increasingly more applications developed under the banner of ‘unified comms’ similarly voice recording specialists like Business Systems will continue to develop and seek out solutions to ensure interactions can still be recorded from within these applications.

Find out what solutions Business Systems can provide to assist with your unified comms strategy on 0800 458 2988 or email [email protected].