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Contact Centre Technology

What’s hot for Contact Centres… What’s cool in the City

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Oct 23, 2006
Category The Monitor

The Call Centre Expo (CCExpo) understandably is well and truly focused on the contact centre space and Business Systems UK will be featuring the latest offerings from NICE and Vocal Recorders along with the in-network services from OPEX Hosting. In addition to its established contact centre services, OPEX has produced some exclusive products for Business Systems’ customers and a good example of this is their ‘Customer Satisfaction’ service, which focuses on customer loyalty. (More information about this service is featured inside).

The Call Recording Showcase and Performance Improvement Conference is the best single event for an in depth view across a wide range of market sectors. There will be specialist tracks for Financial Trading markets and Contact Centre applications. The conference will feature guest speakers looking at best-practice recording and quality monitoring in call centres and user case histories to warn the unwary of the pitfalls that exist along the way. There will be new toys for City traders showcased that were originally designed for recording applications but are now being used to cut telephony costs, alongside additional recording add-ons to enhance compliance.