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Why gaming organisations need voice recording

6 min read
Author Triana Atallah
Date Dec 10, 2014
Category Call Recording Advice

Despite the launch and subsequent growth of online gaming sites in recent years, there is still a significant proportion of customer support and betting which is handled over the phone. The reason for this is twofold, firstly there are still those customers who have grown accustomed to the ‘human touch’ and prefer to place bets over the phone. Secondly if there are any problems which occur when gambling online or indeed any disputes, people need to be able to pick up the phone to ensure their problem can be resolved.

As with any other sector, gaming is a competitive industry and alongside ensuring you’re offering favourable odds, customer service is also a key differentiator whilst meeting the needs of industry regulators. Companies like Betfred understand this, using voice recording technology to ensure they are delivering the perfect customer call every time whilst adhering to their duty of care and complying with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) when taking payment over the phone.

Have your pen and paper at the ready as we outline below a short breakdown of exactly how voice recording technology can benefit the betting and gaming industry.

1. Achieving duty of care and reducing risk

Behind the thousands of bets and enquiries taking place on a daily basis, comes the need for thorough regulation and evidence that due diligence was taken to protect customers. With organisations like the Gambling Commission potentially carrying out spot checks and requesting to listen to calls at any given time, a reliable voice recording system can help manage this responsibility in a professional way. Voice recording is an efficient way of demonstrating that the relevant questions were asked during the call, ensuring bets placed came from individuals who were of sound mind and of an appropriate age, reducing the risk of liability for organisations.

2. Dispute resolution

Misunderstandings made over the phone are not uncommon. Operators who may be unfamiliar with a particular sport or event can easily mistake and consequently misspell details related to bets placed. Having quick and easy access to these recordings and being able to retrieve the correct recording efficiently when in doubt, ensures errors can be rapidly fixed and the correct bet placed.

3. Training

Dealing with the pressure of some bets having to be placed in a matter of seconds, particularly when a live race or event is in progress, requires highly skilled and versatile staff. Training staff to cope with these pressures and other potentially undesirable situations is fundamental for business growth. A reliable voice recording system can ensure managers use these recordings as part of a continuous programme of improvement, coaching the team on how best to handle the influx of inbound calls particularly during busy sporting and televised events.

4. Demonstrating PCI compliance

When taking any payment over the phone, it is the organisation’s responsibility to protect the card holder from fraud by ensuring they have a system in place that provides payment card protection in line with PCI DSS guidelines. With betting and gaming organisations, this guideline is a necessity when taking customer banking details over the phone.

Voice recording systems can demonstrate these requirements are being met by deploying features that ensure card holder details are not recorded or stored in anyway either on the call recording or the operators desktop.
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