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5 Benefits of having a Call Recording system

8 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 9, 2021
Category Call Recording Technology

When organisations think about improving their business operations, a lot of the time they tend to overlook smaller things that could potentially have a big impact on the business. For example, integrating a call recording system is often one of those overlooked methods of improving a business. 

Sometimes big business changes can be improved by what we like to call ‘smart changes’; you will be surprised at the impact one change, such as installing a call recording solution, can have on your business. 

Contact centres in particular, look for call centre software such as call recording to support their training, compliance and operational processes.

Here we cover five benefits a call recording system can provide for your business: 

1. Improve Marketing campaigns

Marketing teams can benefit a great deal with the opinions shared by customers. By recording calls with customers, these calls can be analysed to identify potential customer pain points as well as positive views about your products/services. This valuable information can be used in creative ways and to improve any marketing campaigns going forward.  

Through the process, marketing teams will also be able to gain greater insight into buyer personas. Having a more detailed understanding of your ideal customers can help make your marketing efforts much more efficient and impactful. 

Evaluating call recordings to identify customer pain points and gain more insight into buyer personas can help eliminate any assumptions when it comes to planning new campaigns. Call recording can therefore be a powerful marketing tool that can help marketing teams effectively communicate and word marketing messages that will resonate well with your target audience. 

Some organisations, such as financial firms or insurance firms are legally obliged to record calls and retain these recordings for a certain period. 

 Call recording for these organisations also help them with limit liability by documenting interactions with customers. The recording provides evidence to resolve any complaints, disputes and simplifies incident investigations.. Another advantage is that a recorded call can serve as a verbal contract between you and a client. 

3. Benefit from Call Recording Advanced Technology

Tech geeks will be pleased to know that there are many great advanced tech features that come with implementing call recording systems. 

As the world of customer service becomes more complex,  with the modern-day consumer expecting seamless interactions across multiple channels, the demand for businesses to have the right infrastructure in place to support changing consumer habits is vital. As a result, best-in-class call recording systems can not only record a broader range of contact centre and telephony platforms but can also leverage the cloud for storage (such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 as examples). 

Some but not all, call recording systems can now also support omni-channel unified communications and collaboration platforms where front and back-office teams can record, store, and retrieve data across voice, video, screen and chat  (and this list is growing!).

4. Improve Operational efficiency

Operational efficiencies can have a direct impact on budgets and bottom line and this is where a call recording solution can act as a powerful training tool to help streamline operations and  achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivityy

By being able to analyse real life recordings, management teams can compare employee progress to see where improvements or training may be needed to meet company standards and improve customer service. 

5. Improve product and sales pitch

For this final point we’ve combined two key benefits in one.  

Firstly, by sharing call recordings with product management or R&D teams, you can help them better understand how customers feel about your product/service, what they like about it, what can be improved as well as understanding how customers are  using it. All this information can be converted into key actions that help to improve products and ultimately meet customer expectations. 

Secondly the information collected can also be used to provide effective sales training to teams so that they can strengthen their sales pitch. By having a detailed understanding of what attracts customers to a product/service, sales teams will have a better chance of generating more sales opportunities. 

Summing up the benefits of Call Recording

Call recording systems today not only give businesses  an opportunity to improve customer service and satisfaction but also provides many key advantages from improving operational efficiency, building a culture around performance and training, and improving product and services.  

With over 30 years’ experience in call recording, and with one of the largest engineering resource bases to install and support call recording systems, we help customers find the right tools to ensure compliance, improve customer experience, resolve disputes and boost employee performance.  

If you would like to find out more about call recording software and call recording support, contact us for more information.