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Mobile Call Recording

Getting the most out of Mobile Phone Recording

Author Business Systems UK
Category Mobile Call Recording

Getting the most out of Mobile Phone Recording

Uptake of mobile call recording is increasing thanks to legislation which requires banking and financial trading firms to record any mobile phone conversations where a financial trade is being discussed, negotiated or executed. Although many organisations may feel it is yet another technology purchase foisted upon them in a bid to maintain compliance it doesn’t mean an organisation shouldn’t aim to make the most of the technology and realise the value of it.

Mobile phone recording uptake is also being driven by the legal and medical professions where clients or patients are effectively being given advice over the phone. Similarly in field sales environments, organisations are turning to it to get a better handle on how their sales team are handling calls outside of the office.

Streamline all call recordings

For those organisations recording landlines as well as staff mobile phones, there is the opportunity to streamline call recordings so that they can all be retrieved and played back from one location, regardless of whether the call took place on the mobile phone or landline. This means less effort and work is required by IT and compliance teams in supporting multiple technologies and platforms to access calls when they need to and negates the need for logging into two separate systems.

Select a mobile phone recording deployment model that suits you

Most of today’s mobile call recording solutions can be deployed in a way that suits you and your business model. If you run your other systems in the cloud, then mobile call recording can also be deployed as a hosted solution to complement this set up. Similarly mobile call recording can be deployed as an on premise solution if you have strict security protocols in place that require you to maintain ownership and control of your technology hardware. If you don’t have the technical resource in-house this should not impact your ability to invest in the latest technology and there are vendors who can provide mobile call recording on a managed service basis. This means the technology can be deployed, managed and supported with minimal resource required within your organisation.

There are two main mobile recording options available to you:

In network SIM-based recording

Network based mobile voice recording means that calls and text messages can be recorded on any mobile device regardless of the operating system. No applications need to be running on the handset and calls are routed to and from the handset using a mobile switching centre with a  duplicate stream of the call sent to the mobile recording solution. The solution is effectively tamperproof and in no way impacts the user experience with lengthy or unexplained delays during connection. Calls are then securely accessed and played back through a secure web interface or can even be integrated into the playback system of an organisations landline or CPE based recording system.


Increasingly workers are using their mobile phones outside of the office, at meetings, during events or when they are travelling to and from their chosen destination. With SIM-based mobile call recording its simple- you get to keep your existing number and handset, the only thing that changes is your SIM card. There are two ways to record telephone calls on your mobile using this approach. The first is ‘on demand’ which gives you the option to record a call part way through your conversation. The second is ‘always available’ which basically means mobile recording is constantly on for all inbound and outbound calls being made. Calls are all recorded and sent to the data centre for storage and retrieval and accessed through a secure web interface.

Pinpointing calls quickly during compliance breaches

It’s all very well recording all mobile phone conversations but if you have hundreds of traders, agents or employees, pinpointing a specific call or series of calls related to an investigation could prove extremely difficult and time-consuming. Speech analytics technology can be used alongside and applied to all mobile phone recordings and keywords used to search for specific calls relating to the investigation. This could potentially save hundreds of man hours trawling through calls to pinpoint the ones requested by regulators. This is even more of a priority for those firms regulated by the Dodd-Frank Act which requires reconstruction of trades to be delivered within 72 hours.