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Beat this – Calling old Voice Recorder photos please!

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 23, 2004
Category Call Recording Products

Yes folks we’re looking for a bit of nostalgia here. By nostalgia, we mean pictures of an old voice recorder.

Kids today think voice recorders have always been digital, 200 + channels arrangements in 4U 19 inch racks; hah! what do they know?

We’re looking for the real stuff; 7 feet high, 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep; weighing in at 400 kilos, a solid mass of cast iron, pulsing relays and open spool tape, all of which produced a heart stopping 40 channels of recording over a 24 hr period; this was technology as nature originally intended! Where are those ICR-40’s, VLS-33’s and Atis 200’s.

Just take a look at this 14-year-old Phillips voice logger!

If you have a picture of your comms room in it’s prime, email it to:
or send it to us and we will publish the best selection in our next issue.