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Client Story – VocalEnterprise Recording Solution

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2004
Category Call Recording Products

Addison Lee, London’s largest mini-cab and courier company has opted for the VocalEnterprise recording solution from Business Systems UK Ltd.
Peter Ingram, IT Director at Addison Lee comments: “We chose our 4th generation recording solution from our long-term supplier Business Systems, as their new recording solution, the VocalEnterprise impressed us by its cost effectiveness and flexibility.”

In order to maintain the reputation for excellent customer service and punctuality, Addison Lee plan to use the VocalEnterprise solution to monitor an 80 seat call centre, which accepts approximately 30,000 calls on a daily basis. The VocalEnterprise software-based recording system, offers Addison Lee integrated web-based quality evaluation software and centralised network archiving facilities.

The VocalEnterprise operates on a standard Windows-based server, as opposed to their previous recorders that operated on proprietary hardware. Upgrading to record more channels is simple at any time. Addison Lee simply purchases additional software licences, which are a fraction of the cost of specialist hardware, and installation services.

“The simplicity and reduced hardware costs of expanding our call recording, enables us to manage business costs as we continually grow,” commented Peter Ingram.

Using VocalEnterprise, Addison Lee has moved away from archiving calls to DAT tapes to Network Attached Storage (NAS). All calls are now available to playback on-line via the network, which means less IT resource to manage these.

“Another reason we chose the VocalEnterprise software-based environment is because the flexibility it offers will help us migrate easily to VoIP in the future, ” commented Peter Ingram.