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Gamification - Workforce Management

Gamification: Unleash the power of competition

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 14, 2017
Category Workforce Management

As business environments become more competitive, the importance of Gamification and team performance for organisational success increases significantly. NICE Performance Management provides a single source of truth for employee performance data and goals.  In addition, it provides targeted coaching and gamification to motivate the right action.

Contact centre gamification is the implementation of game like mechanics in order to influence behaviour and activities. It is used to motivate and engage employees.

Contact centre representatives are encouraged to complete objectives and compete with their peers. Rewards are doled out based upon company culture, but often include recognition on leaderboards, badges and physical prizes like trophies.

Contact centre managers can choose any of a number of agent or team level metrics to gamify, such as:

  • Average speed to answer
  • First call resolution
  • Number of dials
  • Total talk time
  • Average after call work time
  • Percentage of calls handled by type

Gamification isn’t just about having fun. It serves as an intrinsic and extrinsic motivator, engaged employees to deliver a better customer experience.

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