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Hold that 'Forklift', make your Nicelog even nicer

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 23, 2004
Category Call Recording Products

When a salesman tells you his proposed system upgrade is a “forklift job” you know what he’s really saying is, “throw away what you’ve got and buy new”, yeah right! So what is the commercially astute thing to do and just where is the smart money being spent? In this article, the BSL Monitor shows you there’s a Nice alternative at a lower cost; so read on to find out more about Nicelog….
Nicelog users really score because there is a raft of Nicelog modules and add-ons that transform the basic systems into real operational powerhouses, providing their owners with bigger and better paybacks without the need or cost of a ‘forklift’ replacement. We strongly recommend all our Nicelog users to look at these additional modules to help improve the functionality of their call recording systems. An excellent case study can be read under ‘Applications That Rock’ which shows how BPO provider iResponse, achieved real benefits with ongoing savings and didn’t have to sell the farm to finance it.
What happens if you own a Nicelog system but you’re not a Business Systems customer? No problem; our support department have a well-established procedure which accommodates rebuilding and maintaining Nicelog systems previously supplied under telco-agreements or via other sources.
There is no denying the fact that since we introduced Nice back in1994, BSL has made Nicelog the system of choice for many organisations across the UK – over 450 customer sites is a pretty good vote of confidence by anyone’s standards.
The reason is simple; in 1994 Nice were the only company to really offer a call recorder with an upgrade path that protected the customers’ investment. Thereby, allowing the customer to achieve greater financial payback year on year and today that same general rule still applies; so we say, let’s hear a big “well done” for the Nicelog development team.

Support for discontinued recorders

As manufacturers release new products into the market, older versions become discontinued with spare parts and support also being phased out accordingly. Business Systems continues to provide support on these products – for more information check out our webpage on support for discontinued recorders or get in touch on 0800 458 2988.