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Contact Centre Technology

How can Real Time Guidance & Automation boost your contact centre performance?

6 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Apr 12, 2016
Category Call Recording Technology

Real Time Guidance and Automation technology has been developed primarily for contact centres to help agents more effectively handle inbound customer calls. Phone interactions with customers can involve a number of complex enquiries, and agents might not always have the correct information (at that very moment) to handle the call in the best possible way.
This is where Real Time Guidance & Automation comes into play, ensuring your agents choose the most effective resolution path in real time, improving first call resolution and automating many manual desktop activities.

Real Time Guidance

Real Time Guidance acts very much as a sat nav does in a car, by getting the agent from point A to point B in the most efficient and effective way. The technology works in the background to provide ‘next-best-action’ advice to agents, by having prompts pop up on their desk top during a call, ensuring issues are resolved faster during the first interaction. The technology can also look at customer data across a number of different systems and, based on a customer’s unique set of circumstances, provide the agent with reminders of relevant offers, all in real time as the call takes place.

Real Time Guidance can also help identify upsell opportunities. For example, if a customer calls to change their contact details because they have recently married, the system might alert the agent to ask the customer whether their partner currently has insurance with the firm and, if not, offer a reduced rate.

Real Time Automation

Real Time Automation technology comes into play when customer data are held across multiple systems (CRM, Billing, Shipping & Delivery etc.) and changes need to be made to a customer’s details across these systems. Real Time Automation allows the change to be made across all relevant applications so the agent only needs to enter the customer details once. This automates many manual desktop activities and reduces manual entry and process errors, ensuring employees have more time to focus on more skilful and productive tasks. Moreover, customers will not have to update their details again when in contact through another system and agents will have a consistent up to date view of all customer data regardless of the system or channel they are using.
Real Time Automation can also be programmed to automate screen navigation and launch applications as well as documents in the right context of a call, saving additional time and effort for the agent. The technology can also ensure compliance during a call by providing pop up reminders or alerts to prevent breaches and reduce the risk of potential fines. More advanced versions of the technology ensure this happens through real time speech analytics, capturing and analysing the entire customer interaction as it unfolds before making its next-best-action recommendation.
In this day and age, customers have come to expect immediate and accurate answers when dealing with agents. Designed to improve productivity as well as service, Real Time Guidance and Automation can help boost contact centre performance by allowing organisations to better shape their customer interactions in real time.
If you want to find out more about this product and the many benefits then visit our Real Time Guidance & Automation product page.