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Interview technology inspires mainstream businesses

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Sep 12, 2012
Category Interview Recording

[Last updated: August 2016]
Once the exclusive domain of police stations and tribunals, the recording of specific interviews and meetings is now moving into the realm of normal business usage, very much for the protection of all parties and especially so when the relationship is between employee and employer.

Following cutting edge development of recording technology for UK police forces, general business has been quick to realise the commercial benefits this technology can bring, in providing an accurate record of critical meetings, in much the same way as call recording has now become the accepted norm in eliminating ‘who said what’ in telephone conversations.

Interview Recording & Evidence Suite

The IRES platform (Interview Recording & Evidence Suite) was designed to specifically improve the interview process and drive down associated costs. Using the latest software to record interviews as video or audio digital files from either office based interview rooms or mobile devices IRES makes an ideal workmate in today’s mobile world. These files can then uploaded and stored in the network in a secure format, providing a rapid flow of critical information to where it needs to be.

Most common uses are HR functions where accusations are made and the need for accuracy is critical. Disciplinary procedures have greater clarity when the system is used and accusations of denial-of-process becomes a thing of the past.

As always some ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking person comes up with additional uses and the  recorder is also proving to have another life as a brilliant training and coaching tool. The ability to record a ‘role-play’ situation in both audio & video as a standard PC file makes it highly usable in staff development and no more so than in customer facing skills – an area in which you can never have too much improvement!
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