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Contact Centre Technology

Making Call Recording work for the entire business

8 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Sep 8, 2016
Category Call Recording Technology

Call Recording solutions have been well adopted by contact centres to help improve quality and subsequently customer satisfaction. However, its benefits go far beyond the contact centre and can be applied to a number of different departments across an organisation. Call recording can not only increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer attrition, it can also help create customer centric sales and marketing strategies as well as manage workforce effectively.

Here is how you can increase the return on your investment in call recording, whilst empowering your Sales, Marketing and HR functions.

Call Recording for Sales

Tailored training

Just like with contact centre agents, call recording can also be used for sales training purposes and call evaluation. By listening to a selection of calls by each sales representative, sales managers can get better insight into their team’s performance. For example, are they overcoming objections in the best way possible? Are they covering key talking points and putting their offering across accurately? Call recording can help managers identify a sales rep’s weaknesses and ensure the necessary training is provided.

Likewise, sales reps can also utilise their own call recordings to listen back to their calls and identify areas they may need additional support in, whether that be tone of voice, content or chosen approach to any given situation. Offering employees the power to self-evaluate can be extremely beneficial in boosting sense of ownership and desire to develop.

Tailored sales strategies

By listening to calls, sales managers can tailor sales strategies and blueprints based on real-life scenarios. For example, call recording can help answer questions like:

  • What are the most commonly asked questions?
  • Which objections are continuously being raised?
  • How are reps successfully overcoming obstacles?
  • What are common road blocks for reaching decision makers?

Call Recording for Marketing

Better messaging and more targeted content

In a similar manner to Sales, Marketing can also listen back to call recordings and pick key issues being reported by customers and address these in their marketing planning. Understanding what the customer thinks and wants is extremely valuable in creating targeted, captive messaging.
Marketers often create content based on what they think will resonate with potential leads without ever hearing an actual customer call or directly interacting with a customer or prospect. By listening to call recordings, marketers can start identifying pain points, misconceptions or uncover hidden strengths, and craft more relevant and targeted collateral and campaigns.

Uncover hidden insight

When talking on the phone, people often reveal valuable information that may go unutilised if not heard by the right person. For example, a customer might mention a competitor’s product or offering being superior to yours, or their dissatisfaction with your service delivery. These calls are the perfect source for hidden insights that can significantly improve your offering. Once this information has been identified, it can feed into Marketing’s 4 Ps strategy to help keep the competitive edge.

Product development

Listening to customer calls can unveil useful information on your product or service offering. Customer enquiries, complaints or comparisons to other offerings, can help you identify ways to gain competitive advantage as well as improve your product or service offering based on tangible customer wants and needs.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Just as with sales, marketing can also utilise call recordings to help create and tailor a strategy that fits their target audience. Call recordings can be used to identify what common questions are being asked by prospectors and consequently address these within the marketing strategy. For example, if a particular audience is struggling to understand how a product could benefit them, relevant collateral can be included within the marketing strategy to ensure this issue is resolved.

Human Resources

Training effectiveness

Not only does call recording help improve training effectiveness and as such reduce supervision time, it also reduces attrition and therefore the cost of employing new employees. Listening to call recordings allows to uncover and assess individual weaknesses and help employees improve where they need it the most with tailored training sessions.

Protecting employees and the organisation

Help identify areas where employees might be stepping over the line and take preventive measures where and when necessary to reduce liability. Are they making inappropriate comments to customers or with suppliers? Is any deal being approached in a manner that could be deemed inflammatory?


Review phone interviews calmly once the call has ended in order to clearly assess a candidate and ensure they are the right fit for the company. Doing so will allow the organisation to save valuable time and money on recruitment efforts.