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Premier Manufacturer signs up for the 'Vocal' Badge

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 1, 2005
Category Call Recording Products

Vocal Recorders takes another step towards providing one of the most comprehensive recording platforms available today with ASC of Germany agreeing to use its technology to power two new elements of the Vocal Recorder range. ASC call their technology ‘Evolution’ and this name will be continued under the Vocal badge, with the new products shipping from June 1.

“The use of this technology can provide further cost savings to many of our customers who are large capacity users, as channel density can be increased to as high as 720 channels per chassis, which far exceeds other offerings in the industry,” comments Stephen Thurston, Sales Director, Business Systems UK Ltd.

Richard Mill, Managing Director of Business Systems UK Ltd comments:- “it’s all about customer value – the whole ethos of Vocal Recorders is one of choice through open connectivity. By introducing ASC technology into the product-set it produces some very appealing options and achieves this goal.”

The new Vocal Evolution Recorders usher in the next generation of call recording and quality monitoring solutions by moving towards a Linux based architecture with all the associated benefits. The use of Linux ensures that not only is the initial recording system cost effective but also the upgrades, because there are no Microsoft licence fees to pay.
For customers that are looking for a smooth and cost effective transition from TDM telephony to VoIP, this latest platform records both within a single box offered on Suse Linux or MS Windows platforms.
As to be expected from Vocal Recorders, standard client and system configuration applications are browser based, including an ‘instant replay’ module to access the last few calls.

There are an array of options available including mirrored hard disks, single or dual archive drives, single or redundant power supplies and the IAS server for centralised archiving. Linking data to other systems can be provided by use of an API interface. To summarise, the Vocal Evolution offers a scalable, resilient, browser-based solution based on high capacity recording servers for both TDM and VoIP environments, either for compliance-based recording or for call centres where quality is a key requirement.