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Vocal Wordwatch: a solution for legacy and live call replay

2 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Oct 12, 2016
Category Call Recording Technology

Business Systems’ Will Davenport explains how award-winning Vocal Wordwatch can provide a viable, secure solution for legacy and live call replay from a single point of access.

One of the reoccurring hot topics our clients are coming to talk to us about is Vocal Wordwatch; a legacy replay solution which helps organisations access old call recording data as well as replay live calls all from one portal, making the data mining process easier and more effective.

Vocal Wordwarch is a modular high performance portal that offers the possibility of adding additional technologies such as Speech Analytics and Quality monitoring for a more complete view of what is happening in the business. With advanced reporting capabilities, it extracts more extensive insight from the data.

From a legacy perspective, Wordwatch allows you to get rid of your old end of life call recording systems and easily access all of your stored call recordings, old and live, from one place. Having one point of access ensures data integrity is maintained as well as data accessibility after systems are no longer functioning due to end of life.

To find out more about Wordwatch, get in touch with our team!