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Speech Analytics for Outsourcers: deliver ‘client-winning’ service every time

6 min read
Author Alex White
Date Jul 3, 2012
Category Speech and Interaction Analytics

Increasingly, call centre outsourcers are turning to technologies like speech analytics to drive value in their contact centres through revenue generation and improving the quality of their services. The growth in this historically recession-proof sector has increased competition, making it important for an outsourcer to stand out from the crowd.

Using analytics to demonstrate industry sector knowledge
Research (from the CBI Market Information Database) shows that call centres that offer industry-specific expertise are at a particular advantage at this time and speech analytics can be successfully applied across a multitude of industries to provide valuable business intelligence. Analytics can extract and analyse 100% of customer-agent conversations and return a wealth of valuable data, putting clients directly in touch with the voice of the customer. The potential importance of this to a client can be leveraged as part of the bid and tendering process, allowing the outsourcer to demonstrate their commitment to a client’s industry and the transformation of the business from the very beginning of the relationship.

Winning new or renewing client outsourcing contracts with analytics
Once a contract is won, speech analytics is a source of insight that can be quickly fed back to agents and call centre managers in order to cement their understanding of the client’s needs and start demonstrating value early on. If a client is looking for the outsourcer to have a transformational impact on their business and customer relations, speech analytics is well suited to this; it helps drill down to the root causes of common call centre issues and makes important data quickly and freely accessible to the client. The transparency, effectiveness and trust demonstrated by an outsourcer armed with speech analytics is also highly likely to lead to repeat business when contract renewals are being considered.

Improving quality monitoring success with speech analytics
Outsourcers can also use analytics to improve their own operations and be as cost-effective as possible. Quality monitoring that is supplemented by speech analytics is not only more efficient but significantly more successful in its impact on agent performance. By taking measures from 100% of calls and using agent-level data, it’s possible to single out agents who perform well or need specific coaching, leading to long-term performance improvement. It also dramatically reduces time spent on lengthy call listening exercises which cover a highly unrepresentative number of calls, allowing QA staff time to examine and focus on the real problem areas for a call centre. This approach may even allow for reallocation of resource and thus the opportunity for an outsourcer to offer their clients more value for their money.

Outsourcing is a good fit for speech analytics technology engagements; it provides benefits throughout the call centre process, offering revenue generation and the ability to compete for clients at a level above other outsourcers. It also helps develop both the agent and customer experience, giving you a great service that can be taken back to a client and win you contracts time and again.

If you want to find out more about how speech analytics for outsourcers can help your operation contact Business Systems now.