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Top 6 Microsoft Teams Call Recording Features

Top 6 Microsoft Teams Call Recording Features

8 min read

For organisations such as Trading Floors, Financial Services or Contact Centres, using the native recording within Teams isn’t enough. These organisations need a compliant Microsoft Teams Call Recording solution. This solution will record, monitor and store regulated and customer interactions in order to remain compliant.

If you are looking for a Microsoft Teams Call Recording solution, then here are 6 top features to look out for:

1. Microsoft Teams Search and Playback

Microsoft Teams by itself does come with basic search and playback functionality for Teams communications. However, the functionality is limited. It does not include a timeline view and advanced data tagging for instance. Not to mention that the search and playback is not available for all communication modes.

However, with a compliant Microsoft Teams Call Recording solution, end-users can carry out advanced search and playback. This can be done for compliance use cases. This applies to all Teams communication modes including chat, voice calling and video.

2. Recording Capability

Microsoft Teams comes equipped with recording capability. However, this is only available in the public cloud and can be stored on OneDrive for business and Sharepoint.

On the other hand, compliant Teams recording solutions, provide a choice of the following deployment models and recording capabilities:

  • Customer Cloud Software and archiving is within the customer’s Azure Tenancy
  • Supplier Cloud Software and archiving is delivered as Software as a Solution (SaaS), from the supplier’s cloud
  • Hybrid Some software is deployed in the customer’s Azure tenancy and some software and archiving is installed within the customer’s private data centre

3. Teams Recording Security

When using the native recording within Teams, the security features are not sufficient to keep data tamper-proof.

In comparison, with a compliant Microsoft Teams Call Recording solution, users should look out for solutions that have:

  • Encryption
  • Compliance workflows
  • Access control
  • Full audit trail of all events with customisable retention periods

A common challenge which some organisations may come across is integrating their Teams recording with their broader technology landscape. To counteract this, users should always look to adopt Teams recording solutions that have open standards and offer open APIs. These solutions can work with external systems to leverage the data.

In addition, end-users should also consider choosing the right Teams compliance recording provider for data protection and security.

Here is a data security Teams Recording provider checklist to consider:

  • Does your provider’s IMS team run cycles of continual improvement?
  • Is your provider audited to the ISO27001:2013 standard?
  • Is your provider audited to the Quality standard ISO9001:2015 standard?
  • Is your provider a Cyber Essentials certified business?
  • Does your provider align their ISO27001 ISMS with the NIST Cyber Security Framework?
  • Is Cyber Risk repeatedly assessed by their IMS team?
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4. Microsoft Teams Transcription

When using Microsoft Teams, transcription functionality is available. However, it is only available in Microsoft stream (enterprise video service where users in an organisations can upload, view and share videos securely). This transcription capability also lacks speaker identification and advanced analysis.

With a compliant Microsoft Teams Call Recording solution, users can benefit from an open integration with advanced transcription engines. These engines can offer advanced analytic capabilities, search functionalities and not to mention high accuracy.

5. Recording Resiliency

With a compliant Microsoft Teams Call Recording solution, users can benefit from multiple recording resilience options for undisputed recording. For example, this may include a redundant 2N recording.

In comparison, with the basic recording for Microsoft Teams, recordings are not resilient. In this case, the recording service may be subject to service disruptions, resulting in unrecorded calls and loss of data.

6. Unified Communications

Within the native recording of Teams, recording is only available for Teams communications. However, with a compliance recording Microsoft Teams solution, the solution can be treated as a single recording platform, covering communications including:

  • Teams
  • Other leading Unified Communications (UC)
  • Messaging
  • Mobile
  • Trading turret
  • IP telephony environments

The benefits of using a single recording platform to record all Teams communications alongside other communications include:

  • Reducing the hardware footprint
  • Reducing the technical infrastructure
  • Reducing the IT workload
  • A unified system with a single archive for all recorded media and metadata

Choosing a Microsoft Teams Call Recording Provider

If you need more information on how to ensure compliance with Teams communications, then get in touch.

With over 30 years’ experience in delivering compliant Call Recording solutions, and as an independent provider, we can help. Our team of experts will be able to ensure compliance when recording, storing and accessing data from MS Teams communications. Our team will assess the following in order to recommend the best-fit solution:

  • Your utilisation within Teams
  • Which storage platforms you wish to use
  • Where your recordings need to be stored
  • What kind of resilience you require in your capture platform
  • The current recording solutions which are being used
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Top 6 Microsoft Teams Call Recording Features

Author Triana Atallah
Date Oct 5, 2021
Category Uncategorized

Top 6 Microsoft Teams Call Recording Features

Top 6 Microsoft Teams Call Recording Features