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Vocal Recorders – Customers vote with their cheque books

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2004
Category Call Recording Products

Business Systems’ 1st quarter of 2004 got off to a storming start thanks to the launch of the new ‘Vocal Recorder’ product range. Expectations were that the market was ready to accept a new offering and our customers are definitely proving this to be the case. Initial customer feedback indicates they are impressed with the completeness of the product range and of course, the price advantage. The following points summarise the good solid value that appeals to customers

Pound for Pound you can get more on the initial purchase
“The ‘Vocal Recorders’ are more modern in design and make better use of the processing power that is available. As an example, Vocal Recorders use one server to capture both the voice content of the call and the CDR data wrapper to go with it. By contrast, it is not unusual to see other systems using 2 servers for the same function. The cost saving of the single server option is blatantly apparent”

Less system down-time and lower maintenance costs
“Hot-swappable stuff is what people want and that’s what ‘Vocal Recorders’ offer; it just makes so much sense for everyone. When one of our engineers has to pull a component on a system that isn’t hot-swappable, we normally have to wait till business stops. This means overtime charges, which are naturally passed on to the customer. ‘Hot-swappable’, means we can do it during normal hours at normal cost and that’s a winner for everyone.”

More options means better solutions and better business
“Customers want multiple options as this is the only way they get better products with better pricing. This is what the ‘Vocal Recorder’ range provides, a better balance in the market. In my view, long may it continue”