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What’s News from Nice

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Dec 1, 2004
Category Call Recording Products

The hot story on NICElog Version 9 is zip! :- ‘the man from Tel Aviv – he say no’, in fact you might even say we are under the Nice equivalent of a D-notice. Oh flip! Just when we were all ready to give you the sneak preview; we even had the article written and the printing presses ready to roll. Well, it’s a foolish person who crosses the man from Tel Aviv, so it’s still a secret and you’re going to have to wait until next issue folks!
As we can’t let you in on the latest bag of Nice goodies we’ll use this slot to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our customers for their business during 2003 because once again BSL hit the top of Nice’s European league table for product sales, professional services and implementing the UK’s 2 largest VoIP recording systems. Yes, you guessed it, these are still secret as well (only this time it’s the customers who are saying no – and one never crosses the customer – right!) but we have put in a request to do case-studies for you and we understand these are being considered favourably, so wait and see.
What does BSL’s number one ranking with Nice mean to our customers? Two words ‘collective muscle’; that’s more clout with the manufacturer resulting in better deals, faster delivery and quicker bug fixes. BSL’s TSD (Technical Services Division) has the top Nice Accreditation in Europe and now rates as the only Center of Excellence outside of Israel; this skill being essential for the complex systems integration upon which both the new technology and our customers now rely.
So roll-on 2004 for more of the same and we’ll give you all the ins and outs on version 9 when we are no longer under threat of a D-notice.
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