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Don’t overlook these Call Recording features

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Jun 22, 2016
Category Call Recording Technology

When most contact centres invest in Call Recording technology they typically have a list of requirements that have to be met. Usually these requirements include Quality Monitoring (the ability to evaluate agents and report on their performance), Screen Recording (the ability to see what is being done on screen by the agent) and PCI Compliance (the ability to stop the capture of credit card details to meet PCI DSS regulations). But what other less known features does a call recorder have that could substantially improve your business?

Multi-channel Recording

There are many ways customer interactions take place. Customers can email, chat or even use social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, to get in touch with a business. All these different interactions should be recorded as they all offer a wealth of information that can be used to shape the business. Recorded data can help you understand competition, quickly resolve issues with customer complaints and provide a better overall level of service, which in turn strengthens customer satisfaction and loyalty. Most importantly, it can provide you with the ability to see your customers’ engagement in its entirety.

Process Optimisation

Do all the agents know how to respond to different scenarios? As a call progresses, do they need real time guidance on how to respond to a customer? You can now utilise Process Optimisation solutions, such as real time interaction analytics, which take information from various sources to assist agents in dealing with customer enquiries in the most efficient and appropriate way. Real-time interaction analytics technology increases first call resolution through intuitive guidance and reduces customer churn by empowering agents to resolve issues in real time. It also improves operational efficiency by optimising workflow.

Dashboard Views and Reports

Reporting is a vital assessment and planning tool. The right report can highlight areas for improvement and help the organisation decide on the necessary steps for ensuring SLAs are constantly met. Moreover, recording solutions can generate statistical reports using the data stored, thus providing an all in one high level view of call statistics, Quality Monitoring indicators and sales figures. These statistics can help different areas of the business understand how the contact centre is performing and provide managers with the possibility of drilling down where more information is required. Finally, creating a dashboard view that takes information from various sources and presents it in one easy to use dashboard, increases visibility on staff performance and highlights areas that could benefit from further training.

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