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How To Find A Way Out Of The Call Recording Jungle

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Sep 18, 2019
Category Call Recording Advice

Many financial companies have created voice/call recording mayhem for themselves by surrounding themselves with multiple voice recording solutions, but there is a way out of the software jungle explains Richard Mill from Business Systems.

Voice recording is a critical core compliance for financial services companies and should be straightforward – yet many companies have muddied the waters by acquiring different voice recording systems over time in different regions. These are often outmoded and incompatible, which is creating a real dilemma in terms of management, regulatory compliance,costs and operational efficiencies.

The ability to retrieve voice recordings quickly and efficiently is essential if there is an audit, a compliance request or a customer dispute for example. In spite of the implications, many financial services companies have made it difficult for themselves by allowing departments to use multiple voice recording software solutions, resulting indisparate data silos across the organisation. In addition, they have often failed to consider scalability, storage and the huge impact a disruption in service could have on their business short and long term.

Today unification of both live and achieved call recordings is essential in achieving compliance and operational efficiency, and despite the disparate technology that has proliferated, help is at hand through the use of sophisticated federating software providing uniformity of control and access across the estate/enterprise.

The rest of this article can be found exclusively on the Finance Digest website. Check out the rest of the article – How to find a way out of the Call Recording Jungle‘.