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What are the most successful contact centres doing right?

4 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Aug 19, 2014
Category Contact Centre Optimisation

There was a lot of shared insight at the webinar we hosted back in May with Call Centre Helper and one of the stand out points for us was the recognition of the rise of the multi-channel contact centre yet the lack of monitoring going on across those channels. According to an audience poll during the webinar only 15% of the audience monitored web chat and only 22% monitored social media – interesting statistics.

Understandably, there is just not enough time to listen to and monitor everything, which is where social media and speech analytics tools can be set up to do the listening for you and increasingly at lower cost for the entry level speech analytics packages. A shared tip from the audience commented on listening being a shared responsibility across the organisation. With only 28% of marketing and 23% of product development teams in our audience poll having access to customer calls, there is perhaps a case to be built for giving those departments who play a role in your customer’s journey and experience access to calls as well.

There was also some suggestions given on how best to fix broken processes. For example empowering your agents with the ability to fix broken processes was only being carried out by 20% of the audience. Those already engaging in this encouraged others to start asking agents for feedback on business processes and incentivise them to share specific customer experiences and propose solutions by actually doing something with the suggestions made.

The webinar also pointed out that ideally you should be balancing all this with the needs of your business to successfully function and not fall foul of regulation, over-spending and over resourcing. From making sure you are meeting regulatory requirements and reducing the risk of fraud with slick voice biometrics solutions to ensuring you have the right amount of agents in place to meet your service level agreements, success doesn’t come easy.

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