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How Much Does Call Recording Cost?

5 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Mar 11, 2015
Category Call Recording Technology

One of the first questions when purchasing any new products is on price; how much will this cost me? Price plays a major part in any decision-making process, and can often be the crucial factor on whether you buy something or not. To ensure you are in the most informed position possible when making any decisions on Call Recording we are here to provide you with some indicative costs on call recording.

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The basics behind Call Recording Costs

Who are you recording?

Know exactly how many staff you wish to record, also ask your supplier is there any breakpoint for increased discount.

What are you recording?

There are many different methods of recording and technology today is able to record anything from analogue lines, digital extensions, ISDN trunks, VoIP and mobiles. The call recording technology underneath each of these methods is different, and costs will vary dependent on what you are trying to record.

*Key Tip*

Speak to a Call Recording specialist who will help you understand the most cost effective way to record, and could also recommend any telephony changes that could reduce costs.

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What functionality do you need?

The basic ability to record and playback telephone conversations is a default in all solutions, but now systems can offer additional software to compliment a variety of business challenges. This includes Quality Monitoring to help score advisors providing customer service, PCI DSS Compliance to ensure sensitive card details ARE NOT recorded and even analytics technology to help identify calls containing specific key words.

*Key Tip*

Communicate your recording end goal (improve customer service, resolve disputes, achieve compliance) to your supplier and they can then advise on the best functionality to achieve this.

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How much will Call Recording cost?

To sum up, the investment you will need to make in call recording will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • The number of users or channels in scope to be recorded
  • What you are looking to capture (dealerboard/turrets, back office phones, mobiles, MS Teams users etc.)
  • PBX type
  • Storage requirements and so on.

A brief conversation with a call recording specialist will enable you to gather a commercial understanding.

From a budgeting point of view, call recording has never been so accessible, with opex models widely available rather than a large upfront capital expenditure.

For more information on call recording costs and quotes, get in touch with our team who will be able to assist.

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