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What are the most popular Call Quality Monitoring solutions?

What Are The Most Popular Call Quality Monitoring Solutions?

8 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Aug 16, 2021
Category Quality Monitoring

Call Quality Monitoring is a call centre software solution and is used in many contact centres to help boost customer satisfaction. They are also used to help identify areas for agent training, and therefore improvement. 

A Call Centre Quality Monitoring program is when an organisation listens to and evaluates customer interactions. The main goal behind this is to improve call handling, call scripts and customer service. QM can also improve average handle time (AHT) within the contact centre. 

Why is Call Quality Monitoring important in a Contact Centre?

Call Quality Monitoring forms a vital part of contact centre processes. It helps to measure the success of interactions with customers. If done right, it can increase service quality as well as customer satisfaction (including CSAT scores). It can also help reduce agent turnover by identifying training gaps and improving employee engagement

Many contact centres may be performing some type of Quality Monitoring (QM) or coaching of customer calls. This ensures quality assurance is being carried out on customer interactions. However, without using QM software, this process typically involves manual evaluation forms and little reporting. In addition to QM software, many contact centres have also found that Speech Analytics can also help address QM program challenges

What are some of the features of QM software?

Typical features within Quality Monitoring (QM) software include:

  • Call Quality Monitoring forms (automated evaluation forms)
  • Quality Score and grading mechanisms built into evaluations
  • Customised reporting capabilities 
  • Automatic sampling of call recordings
  • Workflow management (high value calls scheduled and assigned to supervisors for evaluation using custom evaluation forms)
  • Coaching (ability for supervisors to send feedback where performance can be tracked from a team dashboard)
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What questions should I ask my supplier when looking for a Call Quality Monitoring system?

When looking for a contact centre Quality Monitoring system, there are a few questions which organisations should consider asking:

  • What will be the main purpose of the QM software? This can help guide what functionality the contact centre needs. For example, contact centres may be looking for a QM solution that focuses on agent performance and the customer experience.
  • How well will the Quality Monitoring system integrate with any existing IT infrastructure? Consider the impact lack of integration may have on your existing processes. For example, is it possible to import or export external data into your QM system from the CRM?
  • What type of customer interactions do you need to evaluate? This may include interactions such as phone calls, social media, web chat etc. As contact centres gear up to offer an omnichannel customer experience, it’s vital that quality monitoring systems support this functionality.
  • Can the QM solution record an Agent’s desktop screen?
  • Does the QM system provide calibration options so evaluators can benchmark their skills?
  • What are the reporting functionalities? Will you need KPI scorecards and performance measuring tools? What about segmenting data to evaluate performance? With many QM systems, this can be done with groups, specific teams or individual agents. It’s important to remember that the reports available in a QM system are just as important as the user functionality.
  • How long will it take to install the QM system?
  • What type of support will be provided when you implement your Quality Monitoring system? 

What is the best Quality Monitoring Software for a Call Centre?

  • NICE Quality Central: NICE Quality Central provides a holistic approach to quality management. It ensures a single evaluation process for all points of contact (including calls, chats, emails, etc). NICE Quality Central is designed to help contact centres align both front and Back-Office operations. 
  • Calabrio ONE : Calabrio ONE  is a fully integrated contact centre Workforce Optimisation suite which delivers Quality Monitoring capabilities. Calabrio ONE Quality Monitoring automates recording and reporting and streamlines agent evaluations. The technology is available through three different deployments:
    • Cloud
    • On-premise
    • Hybrid
  • Red Box Quantify QM: Quantify is a QM solution aimed at small to medium sized contact centre operators. The technology includes call assessment, management, reporting and coaching tools in one accessible, intuitive package. Red Box QM functionality includes:
    • Integrated screen and audio assessment
    • PCI-Compliant DTF suppression (taking payments over the phone)
    • Third-party integration
  • NICE CXone: (previously known as NICE inContact CXone) CXone is a fully integrated cloud customer experience platform which also delivers Quality Management functionality. This provides agent evaluations and coaching workflows to increase customer satisfaction and agent performance.

If you’re looking for a Call Quality Monitoring solution for your contact centre, then get in touch. We have one of the largest and most experienced Workforce Optimisation teams in the UK.

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