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Calabrio ONE Workforce Optimisation

Calabrio ONE is a fully integrated and intelligent Contact Centre Workforce Optimisation suite which can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment.  

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Expert Providers of Calabrio ONE Workforce Optimisation

With one of the largest Workforce Optimisation (WFO) teams in the UK, Business Systems is a top tier provider of Calabrio ONE Workforce Engagement, a fully integrated Contact Centre WFO suite, designed to capture every customer interaction across all channels, extract insights, elevate the customer experience, improve employee engagement, and boost operational efficiency. 

Business Systems Communications and Workforce Engagement Solutions

Why Contact Centres Use Calabrio ONE

  1. Simplify Quality Management – Manage agent performance, playback, and evaluation from one single platform.  
  2. Motivate Improvement & Engage Employees – Create benchmarks, agent competitions, display leaderboards and provide incentives and awards to encourage agent improvement.  
  3. Capture Each Interaction – Integrate with best-of-breed channel systems and data streams from across the business (CRM, HRMS multiple ACDs and more) to create a command centre and central source of critical business information for your contact centre. 
  4. See the Entire Omnichannel Customer Journey – Create a unified and complete picture of every customer and every interaction.  
  5. Unlock Business Insights – Identify your best opportunities for improvement with advanced analytics and reporting tools.  

“Calabrio relies on a network of qualified partners to scale our capabilities around the world. With one of the largest WFM/WEM teams in Europe, the team at BSL has delivered dozens of successful projects for Calabrio, enhancing the contact centre operations for their clients as a result.”

Ken Carney-SVP Global Partners, Calabrio.

Key Features

With Calabrio ONE Workforce Optimisation, you’ll unlock the value buried within each customer interaction, and will be able to use this data to transform your entire contact centre operations. 

  1. Call Recording

    Record and monitor 100% of customer interactions and use robust metadata functionality to quickly search through hundreds of calls. 

  2. Quality Management

    Monitor live calls and automate recording, evaluation, and reporting, with customisable dashboards, scorecards, and pre-built evaluation workflows. 

  3. Workforce Management

    Make use of powerful forecasting capabilities, dynamic scheduling, real-time adherence feedback and gamification tools.  

  4. Analytics

    Combine speech, desktop, and text analytics into one single solution to extract business insights and key trends. 

  5. Advanced Reporting

    Cross-platform reporting, with pre-built integrations that blend data externally and internally from the contact centre in real-time. 

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