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Wordwatch, our Call Recording Management solution has been uniquely designed to consolidate voice data into one central portal, drawing recordings from multiple systems and multiple vendors whether they are live or legacy.

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Exclusive Supplier of Wordwatch Call Recording Management

Business Systems developed Wordwatch to help customers who were facing issues around access to voice data. Using over 30 years’ worth of expertise in the Voice Recording market, and listening to the specific needs of our customers, Wordwatch is now an established solution used by many Top Tier banks and contact centres globally. 

The Wordwatch portal is unique, drawing call recordings from multiple systems and multiple vendors whether they are live or legacy, in the cloud or on-premise – into one central portal, ready to be delivered to an application of choice such as surveillance, analytics, transcription or reporting. 

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Benefits of Wordwatch Call Recording Management 

  1. Streamline Architecture – Simplify growing voice recording landscape which has been complicated by years of M&A and upgrades.
  2. Holistic View of your Voice Data – Consolidate separate silos of voice data into one central interface offering data consistency, management control and auditability.
  3. Generate Value from your Voice Data – Use voice to complete and monetise a single customer view.
  4. Manage Compliance Safeguard against misconduct by managing business complexity, risk and regulatory scrutiny.
  5. Significant Cost Savings – Decommission multiple legacy systems removing significant costs.
  6. Ensure Data Integrity – Allows recordings to be kept in their original format to ensure data integrity and mitigate against risk.
  7. Lower Server Footprint – Reduce your server count with cloud deployment and removal of OS 2003/2008 etc servers.
  8. Flexible – Provides flexibility with the option of moving to cloud data storage when required.
  9. Self-Service – Provides compliance teams with the ability to self-serve, allowing them to pinpoint specific files quickly and efficiently reducing the reliance on IT.
  10. Future Proof – Future proof investment with Wordwatch’s ability to sit on top of any voice capture system providing the option to add future capture systems or applications to deliver voice data to.

Key Features

With Wordwatch Call Recording Management, you will enjoy access to features to help streamline architecture, manage risk and generate more value from your voice data.

  1. Centralised Voice Data Management

    Capture call recording data from any recording system to a centralised repository, regardless of whether the systems are live or legacy (including new modalities such as Microsoft Teams) and store data where you want it (cloud or on-premise).

  2. Search, Replay and Management

    Access, replay and manage all data in one single portal, with the ability to search billions of recordings using metadata such as Date, Time, Username, Recorder ID etc.

  3. Extraction

    With the use of Wordwatch’s unique tool, bulk extract your voice data on a scheduled or ad hoc basis to chosen applications such as trade reconstruction, surveillance, transcription, analytics and reporting platforms.

  4. Open API’s

    Integrate with other systems and gain access to all your voice data.

  5. Ingest Legacy Voice Data

    Ingest calls from end-of-life systems to provide centralised access and replay controls, allowing you to decommission legacy platforms completely.

  6. Ingest Voice Data from the Cloud

    Ingest calls from cloud solutions such as mobile call recording platforms or cloud-based turrets.

  7. Security

    Ensure only approved users can access the system through username and password authentication as well as profile driven permissions.   

  8. Audit Trail

    Easy-to-read granular audit trail detailing all events and actions which are searchable and exportable.

  9. Compliance Hold

    Apply a hold to an individual or groups of calls for retention periods and set holds for different users to maintain Ethical walls between groups if required. 

  10. Insight Dashboard

    Visualise data within a Business Intelligence dashboard.

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