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Dekra Quality Monitoring & Hosted Call Recording

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The Challenge

Dekra have been helping major car manufacturers improve the conversion rate of inbound telephone enquiries and had found performance issues in several areas.

Dekra had already started using Business Systems’ OPEX Hosting Call Recording services for smaller scale projects. However, dealing with almost 200 dealerships across the UK, they wanted increased flexibility and functionality to enable them to run their business performance optimisation programme effectively and with the same high quality and visibility as if they were all at the same location.  They needed to help improve the results of the dealerships and needed to know the root-cause of their weak performance.

“Listening to the calls gave us unique insight into the actual strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson, and allowed us to provide them with individualised training.”Mark Pocock, I-Coach and Digivoice Manager, Dekra Automotive Ltd
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About the Customer

As a premier auto-motivation specialist, Dekra delivers a range of innovative business solutions which result in increased sales and profitability. These solutions include project management, selection and recruitment, standards audits, training programmes and in-dealership coaching.


The Solution

To help improve the results of the dealerships, Dekra deployed a hosted call recording and quality monitoring solution from Business Systems to help understand what was the root-cause of their weak performance by monitoring telephone conversations held by their salespeople.

To improve performance, they listened and evaluated calls based on agreed criteria and scorecards, and provided training and coaching tailored to each salesperson’s needs.  Business Systems worked closely with Dekra to map the exact processes they were using to assess each type of call under their ‘Call Critiquing’ technique.  A bespoke product Digivoice now streamlines the process of on-boarding, recording, analysis and reporting.

Download the full case study