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Internal fraud – regrettably it's common place

3 min read
Author Business Systems UK
Date Aug 19, 2014
Category Featured News

The whole drive around PCI compliance is focused at stopping fraud most of which starts from within an organisation and this along with employee theft accounts for just over £1 billion in losses to the UK.

Preventing fraud is one part of the equation but so too is dealing with it when it happens, this normally starts with the suspicion of specific individuals and a subsequent investigation process. Investigative interviewing is a delicate area and professionals in this space use specialist interview technology to protect the interests of all parties. Vocal Recorders have recently released ‘IRES’ an updated version of their ‘Interview Recording & Evidence Suite’ to make the process easier.

Based on approved government design IRES provides 3 major benefits:

1. REDUCE COSTS – The costs involved in providing an accurate record of an interview can be horrendously high if the business process is poor. Contemporaneous note taking as an example is dangerously outdated by today’s standards; it is responsible for unnecessary administrative costs and flawed results. By contrast an error free recording process saves time and produces professional risk free results.

2. MANAGING RISK is essential. Recording a conversation is the safest way for an organisation to protect themselves should a dispute or a false accusation occur. Having an accurate record of what was said can go an extremely long way in maintaining the integrity of your business and your investigation.

3. IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF YOUR INVESTIGATIVE PROCESS – should be at the forefront of your investigations. By allowing your staff to listen, watch and learn from their previous interviews, best practice standards can be set with goals to be aspired to.

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